Is Nullification a Solution or a Prelude to a Bigger Problem?
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Thread: Is Nullification a Solution or a Prelude to a Bigger Problem?

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    Is Nullification a Solution or a Prelude to a Bigger Problem?

    Some may read this as a post about our Second Amendment. It's nothing of the kind. In fact, this post is not about our Second Amendment or gun rights whatsoever. Some will then read it as Anti-Obama... it's nothing of that either. It's about history. The history of our Country and our Founding Fathers' vision. Gun control just happens to be a hot topic right now, but this transcends that topic. Our Country's history is far more than a single amendment in a single document. Neither is this post a solicitation in support of nullification, but rather a plea that people take time to understand it, and that understanding will never come from media outlets that spoon feed us misinformation.

    Last week, the Missouri's State Legislature passed a law declaring all Federal gun laws null and void within the State's boarders. With eleven States in some stage of nullification, the principal is gaining traction. What is it? Given the large amount of recent misinformation, most do not know. If we rely on the traditional gate keepers of information, we won't either.

    Far more than inappropriate, it is exceedingly concerning that people charged with guiding this Country have either no historical understanding of our Constitution and its framers, or choose to ignore it. If we are to responsibly elect those charged with this obligation we too have an obligation. Specifically, we must also have a working knowledge and understanding of history and our Constitution.

    Three years ago, Thomas E. Woods, Jr. wrote, “Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century.” Dr. Woods is American historian and a political analyst. He holds a B.A. from Harvard University and a Ph.D. from Columbia University, both in History. I think it is important that we all have a better understanding of nullification and the Tenth Amendment of our Constitution, and here Dr. Woods provides some insight to this. Dr. Woods is not the end-all of understanding this either, and the reader is encouraged to learn more from additional sources.

    The media, in short, has put us into ideological prison camps, where we are confined to debating issues along the narrow range that our wise overlords have established for us. - Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

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    Thanks for the post, 2700, I've been following this Nullify Now idea ever since it first came out. We have a bill in the Texas legislature that is called the Second Amendment Preservation Act. Don't know if it'll make it through, but I've been pushing for it.
    The idea of Nullification is one of the great things that have come out of the Constitution. Wish every patriot would catch onto it and push it loudly and clearly. If we had legislators with gonads, we could set the Federal Government out on it's laurels...
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    Excellent video, thanks for posting it.

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