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    The main reason Clinton's impeachment didn't go anywhere was like it is now the Democrats held the house and wouldn't let the findings from the Senate proceed, but if the republicans retake the house in 2014, you just might see an impeachment go through this time. We can only hope so.

    He have prove that he can't run this Country, so yeah we can only hope.

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    Quote Originally Posted by opsspec1991 View Post
    If you remember your history, why was Nixon impeached, he had the IRS target the people who were against him what was called Nixon’s hit list. Now a few years later what Obama’s IRS has done to the people who were against him has done just the very same thing. Do I hear Impeachment?
    Reread your history; your facts are incorrect. You have done this type of thing before. If you are the OP get your facts right, and cite sources if you are repeating someone else's words.

    I appreciate your willingness to contribute to the forum, but if you keep doing things like this, your name will get discredited around here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by apvbguy View Post
    mr opsspec
    your view of history is not quite right, this is the second glaring error, if you are going to post things like this you MUST get it right or you look very foolish and people will discount whatever it is you are trying to say
    as for the clinton impeachment, the house voted to impeach him and the senate did not convict him of the crimes he was accused of, if I am not mistaken clinton got off by 1 vote in the senate

    the fact that this disgraced president is so revered by the media and the libtards is mind boggling
    The House Impeached Clinton. The Senate did not remove him from office. But he still was Impeached. Nixon had Articles of Impeachment but no vote by the House so no Impeachment.
    Clinton's Senate vote was 50/100 and 45/100 while 67/100 were needed.
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    Look at the bright side... As has been mentioned several times, Jimmy Carter can enjoy relief of being known as the most incompetent president ever thanks to Obama. Well guess what, Nixon can now rest a little more peacefully seeing that he is no longer known as the biggest crook to ever sit in the oval office.

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