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Thread: #Guns Arenít Making You Safer In Your House CT Gov #DannelMalloy lies again

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelcarry View Post
    Malloy, Bloomberg, Schuman, Feinstein etal know what is right for all of us regardless if they are wrong and stupidly ignorant. Hypocrites, as well--I am sure either through tax payer funded security for all these dumbos, or the firearm that they have--"you do as they say and not as they do". Look at Gifford's husband--ya know yelling and screaming about gun control as he goes out and buys an AR. And what has happened on that--a little press and nothing more. Had it been a repub, he would have been hounded out of the country.
    In today's lib society there are rules for people like Kelly and a second set of rules for people like you and me. As far as I am concerned they can take a long walk off of a short cliff.

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    All of the guns in all of the homes are dropping crime.

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    while here in FLA crime is down dramatically while gun ownership is up dramatically.
    go figure?

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