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Thread: Own a firearm? Then you better get 'Mandated' Liability Insurance! WTH??

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    Do they mandate insurance for stupidity for your president, I will not buy crap, read the 2n amendment.

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    Mandate insurance for liberal voters. They cause more harm than guns.
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    Simply putting another hurdle in the way of gun ownership hoping to discourage people from owning them.

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    I am sure they would let you post a cash bond instead. Nutty people.

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    First I heard of mandatory insurance, though it may have been brought up before, was from the Illinois state legislature around 2009. It didn't get much support though by repetition and 'common sense' talk, all angles will be worked. Mandatory health insurance, mandatory firearm insurance, mandatory permits for rural wells to tax the water you use for your home or farm, it won't ever stop.

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    If you have home owner's insurance or renter's insurance, chances are you probably already have $250k of liability coverage. However that isn't the point, and it seems the people who have posted get that is not the point. It is another infringement and needs to be stopped in its tracks.

    Let's come up with some other scenarios where this seems ridiculous:
    - The 12 yo who just passed .22 lessons in boy scouts and his father gets him a new .22 rifle. Is the 12 yo supposed to buy liability insurance? Isn't insurance a contract that you have to be 18 yo to get?
    - Will there be an insurance agent at every gun dealer to make this "requirement" against our right more easily dealt with?
    - Can you transfer your insurance to someone else when you sell your firearm?
    - Will the liability insurance only cover me? Therefore, if my wife, son, daughter, friend, or neighbor is allowed to shoot it and something goes wrong, will my liability insurance cover it?
    - Will the liability insurance cover for all sorts of negligent discharges? the convenience store robbery, the bank robbery, etc. oh wait, these are criminals, they wouldn't follow the new law anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lash View Post
    And if you can't afford it wouldn't that be an infringement of the 2nd Amendment?
    It's an infringement even if you can afford it..

    It's exactly like them saying "Ok we won't take your guns, we'll just take the ammo."

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    Just another Obama move !

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    You can tell if someone is a Cripps,Bloods,Latin Kings member...Hells Angels. Let the geniuses start there and make them get mandatory liability insurance. Then onto the Mafia (doesn't really exist) Russian thugs etc.
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  11. I say we make the DC lawmakers pay (out of their own pockets) for victim insurance. One million dollars coverage for each and every law abiding citizen of the United States harmed or killed from gun violence from mass murderers, rapists, gangbangers, carjackers, armed robbers, home invaders, and every other piece of scum in categories I haven't mentioned.

    Seriously, since our liberal socialist government wants to take care of us (pun intended) they should pay dearly for not doing so.

    Murderous criminals have more rights than law abiding citizens. How did we get here?

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