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Thread: Own a firearm? Then you better get 'Mandated' Liability Insurance! WTH??

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    Quote Originally Posted by r1derbike View Post
    I say we make the DC lawmakers pay (out of their own pockets) for victim insurance. One million dollars coverage for each and every law abiding citizen of the United States harmed or killed from gun violence from mass murderers, rapists, gangbangers, carjackers, armed robbers, home invaders, and every other piece of scum in categories I haven't mentioned.

    Seriously, since our liberal socialist government wants to take care of us (pun intended) they should pay dearly for not doing so.

    Murderous criminals have more rights than law abiding citizens. How did we get here?
    Progressive Liberalism, that's how we got there.

    I used to be a government-educated stooge. By the grace of God, I repent. -Robert Burris

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    Will the bad guys in southeast dc be violating another gun law if they don't buy the insurance?

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