Brady Center Sues Nelson, GA, over mandatory gun ownership law...
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Thread: Brady Center Sues Nelson, GA, over mandatory gun ownership law...

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    Brady Center Sues Nelson, GA, over mandatory gun ownership law...

    The town was clear from the beginning that the ordinance was largely unenforceable, but Brady wants to make an example of them to insure that other cities don't follow their example.

    Though, in a press release Brady Center’s Legal Action Project Director Jonathan Lowy also seemed to imply that this fight was not only about Kellet’s situation, but also about the growing popularity of gun culture in America.

    “Most Americans reject the gun lobby’s vision of an America in which the government can force guns into every sector of society,” said Lowy. “In this lawsuit we seek to establish that the government does not have the authority to compel Americans to buy guns or bring them into their homes

    Nelson, Georgia, is known for its marble processing, baseball field and, now, mandatory gun ownership.

    “Forcing residents to buy guns they do not want or need won’t make the City of Nelson or its people any safer, and only serves to increase gun sales and gun industry profits,” continued Lowy. “A gun brought into your home is far more likely to be used to injure or kill a family member, than to ward off an intruder.”
    And there are those lies again. They're going to keep repeating them until people believe them as the truth.

    It's interesting. The government can evidently require us to buy into a government-run health insurance scheme, require us to finance abortions through the "premiums" for that insurance, force us to finance 20+ million illegal aliens, and force one into armed service of the country through the draft, but it cannot force citizens to arm themselves to provide for their own security. The liberal mind never ceases to blow my mind.


    Brady Center Flexes Legal Muscle: Sues Georgia town over mandatory gun ownership ordinance (VIDEO) -

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    My cousin is being sued by them as well. ($100mil)
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    The Brady Bunch up to their usual tricks. You have to admit, they are entertaining.

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