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Thread: Am I being paranoid?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldgrunt View Post
    Reading some of the things we all put on here, I imagine he might be somewhat confused right now but ...
    Ya think?!

    I'll say confused AND paranoid would be a start.

    But just a start. If he sticks around.

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    Yes you probably are paranoid. However just because you are paranoid doesn't mean that you're not being watched. I am sure that all kinds of government agencies put people who frequent pro gun forums on a watch list. And there are a number of trolls who make posts designed to cause people to make rash and intemperate statements. Any patriotic posts cause scrutiny. Even serving in the military makes you suspect. If you want to get a carry permit, its your right. You're already on some government list. And with this administration it's something in which to take pride.

  4. 100% paranoid!!

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    A certain level of paranoia is a good thing, it keeps us alert to dangers and causes us to proceed in life, with caution.

    Then there is OCD paranoia, which causes the suffer to become paralyzed by irrational fears.
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    If you have a drivers' license you have already given them all the information they will get from a CWP. Lost cause dude!
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    Lot's of great responses here. I'm a veteran, retire LEO, professional firearms instructor who pays his taxes, belongs to multiple gun forums and questions the government. I don't worry about what I can't control. Believe in God, live, love, train and defend your family. That's all that matters in the end!

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    i would say that the only one in this country that is not on record that we can find out about is obummer! There does not seem to be ANY record of him. As for the rest of us our "wonderful and caring" government has all the info on each of us. Of course it's ONLY to better serve us.

    I expect they have hacked into this sites and other gun and Pro-America sites and have everyone's names. I also believe that the IRS doing what they did to the TEA Party is only the tip of the iceberg.

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    You're not paranoid. Since they really are out to get you it's more like "spidey-sense". The trick is to get the heavy duty tin foil for your hat so you don't need two layers of the thin stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whodat2710 View Post
    You're not paranoid. Since they really are out to get you it's more like "spidey-sense". The trick is to get the heavy duty tin foil for your hat so you don't need two layers of the thin stuff.
    It's true! It works for me. Sometimes I use two layers of the heavy foil.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mcqueen View Post
    I was registered to take my CWP class on Friday 5/17 but I canceled. I canceled out of fear. Fear of the State. Fear that with this new piece of information about me the State would make me a target. A target of taxing authorities, gun confiscators, newspaper publishers, left wing political groups, ......the list goes on. Will the Obamacare hospitals & doctors deny me coverage because I'm a CWP holder? Or will I just be put on the wait list and never make it to the top?

    The State willingly leaks our info to whoever their political friends happen to be. The State uses our info to attack us with audits & harassment.

    I don't need that. I don't need any of it. I'm under their radar now. Maybe I should stay there.

    Or am I just being paranoid?
    I was pulled over this weekend for passing on the shoulder when it was marked no passing...obviously i did not see the sign...The car I passed was a LEO, he pulled me over immediately...I was honest, said that I was looking at him and didn't see the sign. He checked my license and didn't even write me a warning. he asked me about my dog, no mention of pistol permit at all, by either of us. (he was NYSP). Very nice guy!

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