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    Gun Ban by Default

    Again, California leads the way!

    As of today, May 17, 2013, no new semi-auto handguns will be added, or renewed, to the California Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale unless they incorporate microstamping technology. Just what is that you ask? Here is what that means according to the California Department of Justice:

    “Therefore, to be listed on the Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale in California, a semiautomatic pistol must be equipped with microstamping technology-i.e., a microscopic array of characters that identify the make, model, and serial number of the pistol, etched or otherwise imprinted in two or more places on the interior surface or internal working parts of the pistol, and that are transferred by imprinting
    on each cartridge case when the firearm is fired.”

    Read the whole announcement HERE (

    Ok you say, no big deal, there are a ton of great guns already on the Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale in California, I’ll just buy one of them. Not so fast! Take a look see at that roster. Notice the certification expiration dates?

    Firearms-Micro-StampingThat’s right, certification expires and must be renewed every three years, you know, because the same make/model gun with no design changes suddenly will not pass the same stupid tests it passed three years ago.

    I kind of think the lawmakers saw this as a long term way of eliminating guns, because as the years have gone by, they have continued to add requirements for the guns to be on the roster of approved guns. The most recent added requirement is the inclusion of a magazine disconnect device (gun will not fire without a magazine inserted). Most manufacturers have refused to comply with this asinine requirement in order to sell guns in just one state, and rightfully so. The few guns that do meet that requirement are now going to be forced to include microstamping if they want to make back on the list the next time around. To the best of my knowledge, no manufacturer is currently producing any firearms that include microstamping.

    As a resident of California, it saddens me that many of the new handguns on the market are not available to us, but from a business standpoint, it makes complete sense. If I were a gun maker, I also would tell California to pound sand.

    As a practitioner of law (from a cop standpoint, not a lawyer by any means), I think the residents of California may have a legitimate lawsuit against the state for essentially banning handgun sales. They may not have specifically banned them, but the net effect of their legislation is the same. It is making handguns, a type in very common use, impossible to purchase which according to the Supreme Court decision in District of Columbia v. Heller, is a violation of the Second Amendment. Looks like it is time for the California gun rights organizations to rally together and file a suit. Maybe we can get them to include assault weapons since those also fall under the “type in common use” verbiage in Heller.

  3. I am so happy I moved out of CA in 2008.

    However, I would still be happy to offer my support (what ever that may be) in any lawsuit against the state.

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    Thumbs down Where do they come up with this crap.

    This is the take on this subject from SAAMI, the authority in the US regarding ammunition.
    SAAMI | Legal & Legislative
    Californians Take Action Now

    California’s legislature is considering requiring all new handguns beginning in January 2007 to micro-imprint to shell casings when fired the make, model and serial number of the firearm. SAAMI opposes this "microstamping" legislation. The concept is based on a faulty assumption that it will be effective in reducing the criminal misuse of firearms. Among the many reasons why microstamping is a bad idea is that criminals can simply file away the laser-engraved information, defeating its effectiveness. Criminals could acquire spent cases from a shooting range and leave them for police to find at a crime scene. Also, normal usage and cleaning by law-abiding gun owners can wear away the laser engravings. Clearly, microstamping is not a reliable crime-prevention tool. The economic impact on law enforcement, military, civilians and the industry, and the fact that microstamping is a sole-source technology that the legislature should not mandate before a thorough objective and independent study is undertaken are more reasons why SAAMI is opposed to this legislation.

    These web images give you an idea of what they are talking about;
    Gun Ban by Default-3585758be87242b9e1ac3d303a6e4909.jpgGun Ban by Default-11620823-large.jpgGun Ban by Default-ce1161325b701b4e65c75967d96e8e48.jpgGun Ban by Default-micro-closeup3.jpgGun Ban by Default-microstamping-1-.jpgGun Ban by Default-mircostamp.jpg
    Firearm microstamping - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Specific to California, opponents say:
    Firearms sold to law-enforcement are exempt. Problems could arise if a police officer's firearm is used in a crime or stolen, and the fact that a firearm is "unsafe" if not provided with stamping technology exposes the police to liability.[6]
    Guns manufactured before an effective date are exempt and the bill does not extend to guns outside of California. There's no possibility that this bill would ever cover enough guns to provide the investigative advantage claimed for it by the proponents.[4]
    Failures of the microstamping parts of a firearm makes it "unsafe" under the California law, which then becomes illegal to sell, give or lend under existing law

    From everything I have seen or read regarding this there always seems to be more points of opposition leading me to understand how this will do nothing good for the industry as a whole or the citizens as a hole, again Liberal ooze seeping from their brains that they are calling thoughts.
    You all are aware that a pimple on a politicians arse is called a "brain tumor"
    I'd rather be a Conservative Nutjob. Than a Liberal with NO Nuts & NO Job

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