I've been thinking about getting rid of Yahoo for some time. A little difficult because my service provider uses Yahoo as their default source of everything (AT&T Uverse). But I think the time has finally come. I've been thinking about dumping AT&T for some time, too, but my only other real option where I live is Comcast, and they are at least as liberal - and far more expensive - than AT&T.

This morning, Yahoo News posted an editorial from PRAVDA accusing Israel of murder because they killed the military leader of Hamas in an "unprovoked" military strike last November, a man who has personally ordered and carried out the deaths of thousands of people, including members of his own ethnic/religious group.

On November 14, Israel murdered Hamas military commander Ahmed Jabari. A missile struck his car. He was well-known and respected. Many considered him Hamas' most important military and political leader.
A well-respected terrorist. Wow. And killing a killer is murder. Again, wow. And that tremendous third grade level writing. Wow.

Way to go, Yahoo News.

Israeli pillar of cloud war crimes - English pravda.ru