Actions by Lois Lerner
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Thread: Actions by Lois Lerner

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    Actions by Lois Lerner

    Think about this for a bit, when Lois Lerner gave her statement to congress this week and then pled the 5th, I think she may be doing something other than what everybody thinks, that she’s just covering her butt.

    They say that because she gave the statement prior to pledging the 5th, that she gives up her 5th amendment status and could be called back to testify.

    Now think, she has either done this to be required to come back and testify and then she can say she was forced to, in case she has damaging information concerning administration figures higher than her or (this is want I really think she’s trying to do), she’s going to try and receive immunity for her testimony and then she’ll spill her guts and the whole bag of worms implementing the who, what, when and where will be out there for everybody to see.
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    Actions by Lois Lerner

    I hope your analysis of her actions is right. I don't feel she is that smart though.

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    I think she's smart enough to do that. I hope that is the case.
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    If she spills too much info, she might meet with an "accident", (Ya know, like Vince Foster, of Clinton days)
    And remember, this group makes the Clintons look like pikers.
    And you're right about her blowing her chance to invoke the 5th amendment. She had actually testified at previous hearings; not just this one.
    I think the best place for all of them is Gitmo.
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    If she wasn't before, she's probably pretty pissed right now because she was asked to resign. Hopefully she'll actually KNOW something and just roll over.
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    Honestly thinking nothing will come of any of this. The corruption is too wide spread and runs way too deep on both sides. It's just a dog and pony show and the American people are mere fleas choosing which animal to jump on. Until enough people get pissed and take a stand, nothing will change.

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