Michelle's whole summer vacation
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Thread: Michelle's whole summer vacation

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    Michelle's whole summer vacation

    How’s this for you my fellow tax payers; I understand that Michelle Obama and her daughters are going to spend the whole entire summer on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, isn’t that really supper and on our dime also. I guess she’s trying to get as much as she can prior to Obama being impeached or, could it be that the fabricated lie the Obama’s have been portraying these past 18 years as husband and wife has come to an boil. I guess his men only Florida golf trip with Reggie Love was the straw the broke Michelle’s back, so to speak. But tell me, a whole dammed summer, that’s too much.
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    Michelle and daughters vacationing on the taxpayers dime is no surprise. After all they're "entitled." And if we didn't have to see her scowling face, or hear anything else from her for an entire 3 months, it might just be worth it. The problem is getting Obama to pay his "fair share" for the trip.

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