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Thread: Biden: Gun Control Push Coming This Fall

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    Biden has a major case of hoof and mouth disease, he just keeps changing feet.
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    The only thing Biden shoots, is his mouth off.
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  4. Seemingly, Biden was born sans that little, unseen, yet VERY critical filter between his brain and his mouth. What we have here is a man with the world's worst case of mental diarrhea. He thinks it, he says it. Joe, your boss is a giraffe's ***** deep in horse crap, do you really think this is all gonna blow over by the fall? Noooooe. Brilliant to go after guns again because it worked so great when public support for gun control was higher then that it is now and yet it still failed miserably. I seriously think Obama picked Biden to be VP to make Congress think twice about impeaching him because look at what we would get in return...a bumbling, plagiarist fool who can't keep his mouth shut. The lesser of two evils would be...well, evil or idiot. I'll take idiot over evil.

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