New York State is ground zero in the latest battle against the gun grabbers.
Here is a poll and a gun give away.

The poll asks one simple question. Does the NY SAFE ACT infringe on the right to keep and bear arms.

The NY SAFE Act was unveiled on Jan. 14 and passed through a "message of necessity" that waived a three-day waiting period. The Senate, led by a Republican-dominated coalition, passed the bill by a 43-18 vote hours after the text became public. The Democrat-dominated Assembly

It limited the amount of rounds in any gun to no more than 7
It limits magazine to no more than 10.
It requires any semi-auto rifle with at least one military feature to be registered.
It creates a 'Gun Squad" in the State Police (just like a narcotics Squad)
It make you a felon if you loan a gun to someone without first obtaining a NIC check on that person.
It creates a database and background check on the purchase of ammo. Woe unto the guy that did not register his ar15 and then tries to buy .223 ammo. (can you say backdoor gun registry)

With all of this and more. Our governor and the gun grabbers still insist that it does not infringe.

Please hit this poll for your front line troop in New York State!