Fox News vs. the Cult of Obama
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Thread: Fox News vs. the Cult of Obama

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    Fox News vs. the Cult of Obama

    by Joel B Pollak

    It is impossible to understand the Obama administration's uniquely hostile treatment of Fox News without understanding the self-image of the Obama team. On the one hand, the targeting of Fox News for isolation and surveillance suggests an administration so lacking in competence that it cannot tolerate criticism or scrutiny. On the other, the attacks suggest hubris, a confidence that few would ever object to its conduct.

    That contradiction has a religious quality to it. Indeed, President Barack Obama has led an administration that has, at times, been more of a religious movement than a governing body. Obama has made miraculous promises of political and planetary transformation; he has encouraged a cult-like following, even among formerly skeptical journalists; and he has constructed a demonology of his opponents, real and imagined.

    Fox News vs. the Cult of Obama
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    Not hard to understand, liberalism is a religion. Even the established religions of the world use intimidation and guilt to keep their followers in line. Some, even today, go so far as execution and terrorism to keep followers in line. Does radical Islam ring a bell. Liberals use some of the same tactics. Ever take an opposing view in a discussion with a liberal. It rarely goes well. Liberals can't deal with opposition. After all liberals are correct and the opposition is wrong, end of discussion.
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    You are correct OPS. The libs and obummer are so thinned skinned they cannot stand ANY criticism. I can almost see obummer kiss every mirror he sees himself in. Libs are so full of themselves they seem to think we should bow down and kiss the ground they walk on. I do agree that they are full of it. But it is not what they think it is.

    It seems most of our "wonderful and caring" leaders in DC get to be full of themselves. Back in the Roman times they had a slave whispering into their ear, "You are only mortal!" Our leaders today would most likely do all they could to have the slave shot if they DARED to say such a thing!

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    The libs are thin skinned to be sure; but it's more than that. None of their policies would ever stand up to public scrutiny. They are conceived and based only on feelings. When scrutinized they exhibit no common sense, track record of real success, intelligent design, or understanding of human nature and failings. If the news media did their jobs liberals would never get elected to anything due to complete incompetence. Of course the exceptions might be the Northeast and California where common sense and intelligence disappeared generations ago.

  6. Fox "News" is to news as Obama is to Presidential leadership.

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