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Thread: Poll Suggests Brits Want Handgun Ban Debate in Parliament

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    Being Critical of whom?

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    The UK has a definite identity crisis. The British government disarms it's own subjects, and now wants to send arms to the Syrian rebels. This is odd for a nation that lost the American colonies in a war of revolution, and is now supporting the Syrian rebels against the Syrian government. Don't they even believe their own propaganda that firearms are too dangerous for the average person, and that only the recognized government should have weapons? Come on, England, get your act together.
    You speak of the government entity and the OP's talking about the citizens of Great Britain and it sounds to me like they are getting their act together and we need to support their movement. Their success will only support our own stand of restricting our own government in their attempts to confiscate weapons in the US.
    With regard to their government it isn't any more screwed up than our own and we still have the right to own firearms, so who are we to be critics of them in the first place.
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