Barack Obama The Case for Impeachment
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Thread: Barack Obama The Case for Impeachment

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    Barack Obama The Case for Impeachment

    Just how much criminal activity does a president have to be involved in before impeachment becomes a serious possibility?
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    Heh... really? Who is going to impeach him? They are all cowards with their own dirty laundry to cover up. The video is correct, neither side wants impeachment. They are all in it together.

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    Food for thought - When Lindsay Graham (one of my two Senators) voted to bring the "gun control" bills to a vote I was angry. In hindsight he was right politically because there are probably several Dems that had to take a stand who would rather have not had to vote and just keep complaining about the right-wingers. With the 2014 elections around the corner and a chance to take the Senate back there is a lot of maneuvering.
    Regarding impeachment, I'm against it for several reasons - First of which is I don't want shotgun Joe making the calls either (he's the best bullet proof vest a president could buy!). Second is that regardless the result we would end up making him a hero or a martyr, and his supporters would ride that into the midterms. Lastly is that there are still sheeple out there who will be lost without Black Jesus to vote for in 2016. Don't give the Left any more ammo and we might be able to swing some votes. The Left and it's tactics/policies/agenda is losing that new car smell it had for these people in 2008.
    I think we should pursue each scandal and get people fired (not given a paid vacation) all the way up the chain of command. Eventually someone will turn on him, and it will ruin his legacy. That will hurt him more than anything. The most important thing is that he is weakened to the point that he can't complete his socialist agenda. Let him fade away as a Lame Duck loser and watch Chris Matthews head explode,

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