May 2013 DOJ Firearm Crime Reports Shows Continued Drop
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Thread: May 2013 DOJ Firearm Crime Reports Shows Continued Drop

  1. May 2013 DOJ Firearm Crime Reports Shows Continued Drop

    Department of justice released their annual firearms crime report in May, and lo and behold firearm crime dropped again in 2013. From the report:

    In 2011, a total of 478,400 fatal and nonfatal violent crimes were committed with a firearm (table 1). Homicides made up about 2% of all firearm-related
    crimes. There were 11,101 firearm homicides in 2011, down by 39% from a high of 18,253 in 1993 (figure 1). The majority of the decline in firearm-related homicides occurred between 1993 and 1998. Since 1999, the number of firearm homicides increased from 10,828 to 12,791 in 2006 before declining to 11,101 in 2011.
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    We shouldn't confuse the average liberals with facts that contradict their sacred beliefs. It is a total waste of time to argue with stupid and uninformed people. Stupid people don't know that they're stupid because they have never been smart and have no basis of comparison. Besides they wouldn't be liberals if they were intelligent.

    I'm not referring to the progressives who believe that they're destined to rule the world but a large majority of their supporters who think that government is going to support them. The best way to appeal to stupid people is on an emotional and not logical level. This is the reason that libs want to ban guns that look frightening and not because of function.

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