New York's Summer of Gun Violence Is Off to a Chicago-Style Start #guncontrol #guns
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Thread: New York's Summer of Gun Violence Is Off to a Chicago-Style Start #guncontrol #guns

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    All those anti gun laws are really paying off, aren't they? Bloomberg and Cuomo should be held accountable for their crimes against the people of NYC and NY state, for not allowing them to protect themselves from wolves with guns that roam the streets!
    ~Responsible people who understand that their personal protection is up to them, provide themselves with protection. Those that don't have only themselves to blame.~Proud NRA ~SAF~GoA Member~

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    Hot weather, no big drinks, sounds like it's Bloomberg's fault!

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    All I can say is Bloomberg should get his nose out of my states business and tend his own garden. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

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    Here's the problem with the article...
    It cites NYC crimes in the same paragraph as the new NYS gun laws. Well... NYC has it's own gun laws and in many cases is unaffected by NYS laws. The author clearly doesn't know the difference. More of the same ignorance espoused by the "experts."

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