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Thread: 2nd. civil war?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tricolordad View Post
    This is why we won't have a civil war. Everyone is obese. Not overweight, obese. Fat. They spend all day drinking mountain dew, eating Doritos and playing Xbox 360. True, they are playing war games, but that doesn't help you one bit in real life. If the power were to be cut because of an uprising, everyone would sit in front of their tablets and smartphones playing games until the batteries died. After that, they would wander outside oblivious to the world because they are illiterate and don't even watch the news. The conversations would be about how far they got in what game before the batteries died. The police would tell them that "Islamic Terrorists" were running around shooting people and to hand over any weapons (so the terrorists don't get them) and go inside. And they would.

    Baaaaa baaaaaaaa!!!

    We came close in January when zero issued those worthless executive "orders." A hundred years ago, yes, blood would have spilled. But not today. The sheeple are fat and lazy.
    Dad: I don't often disagree with your posts but you pulled this one from left field. I am not aware of many who sit around drinking Mountain Dew or play on those X box things. To be truthful, I haven't the foggiest idea what one of those damn things is. Electricity is nice but, we in the South, are able to function either with or without it. We are aware of the world situation and able to converse on many subjects. We have prepared for the day when the SHTF, much more than have some others, especially the sort to which you refer. "Civil War" may not be the correct terminology for what has the potential for happening. When it comes to the "We" and "They" who will be fighting, I think the We category will be the ones who are tired of having our rights stripped from us daily. We are tired of having homosexuality thrown up in our faces everyday. We are tired of having Islam forced on us and, at the same time, being berated for our Christian faith. We are tired of seeing our government being corroded and run by outright criminals. We are tired of seeing our government infringing upon our daily lives and becoming involved in the most intimate of our activities. We are tired of seeing babies aborted by the hundreds of thousands. We are tired of idiot professors calling for us to be executed for being gun owners and/ or members of the NRA. I could go on like this for quite a while but I think you get the picture so please understand we are not all sheep. Not all of us are considered to be part of that elusive group, "They" to whom you refer. Not trying to flame you, just wanted to let you know that "We" are standing ready for whatever happens.

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    Very well said Oldgrunt, I think that pretty well sums it up for the way most of us feel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blueribbonman View Post
    Very well said Oldgrunt, I think that pretty well sums it up for the way most of us feel.
    If I actually put my thoughts into writings, I would be banned, arrested and charged as a terrorist!
    My contempt for this administration is beyond anything I've ever felt for our government.
    If war is brewing you can bet your behind it will be vicious. No quarter will be asked and none given.
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    Sent from behind enemy lines.

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