2nd. civil war?

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Thread: 2nd. civil war?

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    2nd. civil war?

    Ok, I have to ask this question again given the scandals that have transpired in the last couple of months. The last time I asked if anyone thought that a 2nd. civil war was coming it was just the 2nd amendment issue, now we have big brother getting our phone records from Verizon every day, Benghazi, 2 IRS scandals, & who knows what else that hasn't been found out about yet. Who thinks we may be headed toward civil war now?

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    I think that it's inevitable. And to be honest, I think it's about ten years overdue!

    Sent from behind enemy lines.

  4. Don't forget about this place to store all your e-mails,phone calls and texts. Nothing to worry about this is all in the name of safety... NSA Utah Data Center - Serving Our Nation's Intelligence Community

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    It is truly coming, and I have predicted it for more than 4 years. It is and will be a bloody mess, not unlike the first one. The honest people will survive and win, and we will start the USA all over again. Only this time we will have 50 colonies.
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    Not to be picky, but your premise is incorrect. A civil war is defined as a conflict between citizens of a single nation, for whatever reason. The war to which I believe you refer would more correctly be termed as "the War to Prevent Southern Independence", "the War of Northern Aggression", "the Illegal Invasion of the Confederate States by u.s. federal armies', or, perhaps, as called by the more genteel of Southern lady-hood, "the Late Unpleasantness".

    I believe that there will come a second war between the armies of the Northern aggressors versus the guerilla armies and the militias of the free and independent republics which will have seceded, and/or those "states"(annexed following the former conflict) which the aggressor federals believe to be preparing for such secession.

    And, I agree with the views of CharlesMorrison above, in that it is at least ten years overdue.

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    I think I'll live to see it. I know that we'll be better armed, but severely outnumbered by all the maggots that want us to pay for their free stuff.
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  8. I'll throw my two cents worth into the discussion. The Civil War that we all refer to was not really about slavery, that was just the "talking point" that Lincoln used to unite the Union forces. The root cause of the Civil War came down to State and individual rights versus a centralized Federal Government.

    We're seeing the same scenario play out today, except now the central point for the "Feds" is that America should be "fair" to the poor, the illegal aliens, and the "sheeple". Remember the talk about "redistribution of wealth"? That really means take resources from the producers in society and give it to the non-producers, i.e. socialism. Under the Obama administration, we have increased the number of folks that are totally dependent on "big government" to take care of them from the cradle to the grave. The last figure I heard was around 49 MILLION citizens on food stamps?? What the hell, thats a solid Democrat voting block forever.

    In conclusion, yes; I see a war coming in the US. It won't be a conventional war in the sense that "Federal" troops will face off against "Patriot" troops, rather it will be a relatively low conflict insurgency. I foresee the "Feds" controlling the entire northeast and the west coast, while the southern and western states will secede or "opt out" of the Union. The Feds will try to economically strangle the insurgent states, but that will not be effective due to the much broader based economy that is now prevalent in those states.

    I think the military will be divided in their loyalties as well, with those from the insurgent states wanting to take care of their families and friends, while those with "Fed" loyalties will do the same for their people. In the end, blood will be spilled, and we'll have to pick up the pieces, brush off the Constitution, and start an new and better government.

    That's my thoughts, comments are welcome!

  9. It's not gonna happen and here is why expressed in one question.

    "Who are you going to shoot???????"

    The issues in this conflict come down to the producers/capitalists vs the parasites/communists. And sadly you can't tell one from the other just by looking at them. In addition, the line is hard to find even in some people's thinking. I have a associate who lives his business life as a capitalist but at heart and in his political support he is a complete communist. Unfortunately people like him are the worst kind of infestation and should be eradicated in the first wave of fighting but how many people know that he is a communist?

    When the battle was north vs south, it was much easier to identify your enemy. In some wars, ethnicity made identifying your enemy easy, that is not the case here. There is a huge racial divide in this country but you can not tell your enemy in this conflict by race. For example, you have john mccain, john kerry, Allen West and Dr. Ben Carson lined up against the wall. Which of them are the enemies of liberty in this county? That answer should be easy but what about four random strangers of random ethnicities. There is no way to tell. Of the four politicians/public figures, I know which ones I would fight and die along side and I know which ones I would fight and die against. How do I know who to trust among random strangers?

    There may be thugs in (and out) uniforms that make themselves easily identifiable targets but what about the enemies living on your street?

    So it all comes down to my original question, "who are you going to shoot?"

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    I believe if there is one it will be at the end of the obamanations term when he refuses to relinquish the reins of the executive branch. I have a feeling he will either declare marshal law which means he stays in power until the conflict is settled, or he'll just be ballsy enough to straight on revoke FDR's amendment. Either way is a declaration of war on our principles and should be met with reasonable force to evict.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CharlesMorrison View Post
    I think that it's inevitable. And to be honest, I think it's about ten years overdue!

    Sent from behind enemy lines.
    When enough people get sick of the federal, state and local governments telling them what the can and can't do 24/7 I do believe they will take up arms and say "ENOUGH".

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