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Thread: Now I've heard it all! A toy gun exchange!

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    If that exchange happened in my school district, the kids I know of don't have "toy" guns. I guarantee you, they wouldn't be trading in their hunting rifles and shotguns for a book and a chance to win a bike.
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    I think that if I was a kid there I would go to the dollar store and get a squirt gun, then trade it in for a chance at a bike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tattedupboy View Post
    What do you guys think? I agree that kids are being punished too harshly for behavior that doesn't harm anyone, and that this idea of a toy gun exchange is beyond ridiculous.
    By the time they are in high school they will have such a fear of guns that when they become adults they will demand that everyone turn in all guns.

    This is all part of an agenda.

    Meanwhile, they will also be taught more about gay sex than the Second Amendment. Again, all part of an agenda.
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    ok lets have a toy gun buyback. My kids can turn in their cracked broken ones and we will go buy new better ones lmao

    I'm pretty sure that is what 99% of people would do.

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    There's a lot being said that the kids are beginning to tune out the schools as 'stupid', especially the boys who see this stuff, and understand they are smarter than the psychotic 'adults' who have lost their friggin' minds. When you can get expelled for eating a poptart to look like a gun, jumping the shark is having its own eventual punishment.

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