Prostitution Investigation in State Department
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  1. Prostitution Investigation in State Department

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    It seems like once they started uncovering these things, there was just no stopping them. Good. Can't wait to see what else they come up with. I hope it just KEEPS getting better and better. Love seeing them squirm like little worms.

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    Hey, I don't condemn the poor state dept guys. If I had to work and look at Hillary I would want to find "Real Women" too!

    But I do agree with Peggy, it just keeps getting better.

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    Agree all you want. When is anyone going to do something about these things ?
    There's only a handful in government, it's time to rein them in.

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    Well, at least they pay their prostitutes in the State Department unlike those boys in the Secret Service...jus sayin...
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