This May Be Our Last Battle
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    This May Be Our Last Battle

    Good Morning,

    At Our Steubenville For Liberty meeting last night I promisted Tony I would get his message out, well guys here it is, and we need to do something quick.

    There isn't anything out there more important than the United States adding 11,000,000 which will escalate to 40,000,000 Illegal Immigrants to our already bloated Social Entitlement Voters List. We need to contact every Congressman, and Senator Praise those that stand with us and Warn those that don't that the final step in the destruction of America is in their hands. If we lose this one it is over.

    If there is anybody close to Steubenville I Hope to see You all tomorrow (Saturday June 15th.) at the Defending Our Faith and Freedom Rally.



    Hi All,

    As I write this message I'm listening to the Glenn Beck radio show, and he's breaking a story re: the immigration bill. I don't know how seriously you all take Beck, but if he's right, things are going to get very bad very fast.

    He's reporting that John Boehner has already entered into an agreement with Pelosi, Reid, Graham and Marco Rubio to muscle an immigration bill through the House and cave-in completely during the process of reconciling the House bill with the Senate bill. Beck reports that House members with whom he is in regular contact have told him that the bill is expected to pass by July 4th (so the death of the Constitution will occur in "honor" of Independence Day). Beck is also reporting that the House Tea Party caucus, along with the House Constitutional caucus, is in open rebellion against Boehner and the Republican Party.

    Beck is asking that we all clarify for ourselves why we oppose the legalization of eleven million Mexicans, make sure we can articulate it clearly, and start flooding our politicos!

    There are "70 Republicans" on our side.

    The follow-up is below:

    Revolt Among Republicans on Immigration Bill: 70 House Members Risk Careers in Planned Showdown With Leadership |


    Tony Salinski
    “Every step we take towards making the State our Caretaker of our lives, by that much we move toward making the State our Master.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

  3. Who are these people in office is passing all these stupid laws, do they have their head in the sand or what. This is crazy and I know that our's fore fathers are turning over in their graves, and with that Stupid Obamacare who going to pay for their health care. If we don't have health care we are going to have to pay a penalty, well who going to pay thier penalty, and it's a know fact that Obamacare is going to bankrupty the U.S. and then that's when we are going to have financial collapse shortly after.

    The crime that all of this is going to bring is going to be like no other time the U.S. have been through. This is not going to be good, and with the big sun flare that's coming, dark time people are coming soon so we better be ready. Food, Water and a lot of ammo so we got to get ready now.

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