Was J. Roberts intimidated into ruling 'in favor' for Obamacare?
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Thread: Was J. Roberts intimidated into ruling 'in favor' for Obamacare?

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    Post Was J. Roberts intimidated into ruling 'in favor' for Obamacare?

    Glenn Beck has always been a fan of Senator Mike Lee (R-UT), and this morning, Senator Lee joined Glenn Beck's radio program to talk about his new book; "Why John Roberts Was Wrong About Healthcare". In the book, Lee examined how numerous powerful Democrats purposely targeted Roberts and claimed his legacy would be seriously tarnished if he didnít uphold Obamacare and that by looking at the dissenting opinion it truly appears that Roberts may have switched his vote.

    Was John Roberts intimidated into ruling in favor of Obamacare? ? Glenn Beck
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    If this is true there should be heads rolling in Washington. The SCOTUS is there to judge as to the constitutional validity of the laws coming out of congress. To maintain any creditability they must not act on political pressure from either party. A new law is either constitutional or it isn't. The court re-writing an unconstitutional law doesn't in any way make it constitutional. One unconstitutional act cannot made an unconstitutional law constitutional. We have three separate branches of government for a reason.
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    Was J. Roberts intimidated into ruling 'in favor' for Obamacare?

    Just a quick note..

    SCOTUS is not above the Constitution. They are only supposed to rule on issues presented by Congress and the Constitutionality of those issues.
    SCOTUS does not "interpret" the Constitution, only laws passed by Congress that may not fall into the Supreme Law of the Land, the Constitution.
    SCOTUS. Is over stepping its authority when it rules in favor of any law that infringed on the Constitution.

    ETA: Sorry! Looks like I posted a duplicate answer as the above!

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    With the Obama enemy list and the NSA data mining operation I don't think blackmail is out of the question. Most people have something in their background that they don't want publicized. The government is also able to put unrelated facts together and come up with something that looks suspicious. Our government is increasingly starting to resemble a police state. I also think that the blackmail of politicians is very possible. It may explain the inexplicable behavior of some in whom I once believed.

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