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    State vs. Federal

    Well, this is kind of heart-warming. It'll be interesting to see how it plays out if it ever actually makes it into court. Basically it pits state laws against federal laws. Proud of Missouri and Kansas.

    News from The Associated Press

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    It is nice to see states finally standing up to an over-reaching Federal government. One would hope that all states would do the same and that Washington would get the message that we are tired of being jacked around. If, or when, it comes down to real head-butting, I hope the states will stand firm. The Democratic establishment has nearly ruined the country but there may still be hope for us.

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    We all know what happens when the states try to stand up for states rights against the federal govt. Last time it was called the american civil war. Spoiler: the states rights proponents lost the war. Slavery was a minor point in the war for those of you that dont know.

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