Open Border Amendment to be voted on TODAY @ 5:30 - Contact your Senators....
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Thread: Open Border Amendment to be voted on TODAY @ 5:30 - Contact your Senators....

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    Exclamation Open Border Amendment to be voted on TODAY @ 5:30 - Contact your Senators....

    The Corker-Hoeven amendment to be voted on today gives Sec. Napolitano the sole authority to decide if and when fences, cameras, sensors, or other technologies are deployed along our borders. She has already declared our borders to be secure.

    I faxed the following letter to Senators Levin and Stabenow today (for all the good it will do):

    June 24, 2013
    Senator Carl Levin
    Senator Debbie Stabenow


    You still have 20 million unemployed CITIZENS to take care of before you even THINK about throwing the border open in yet another de-facto amnesty program. I have objected to amnesties under ALL of the preceding administrations - Democrat and Republican - and I object to this one as well.

    I am urging you to vote NO on both the Corker-Hoeven Amnesty Amendment that is scheduled for a vote at 5:30 today, as well as S.744, the Schumer-Rubio Amnesty Bill, as a whole. Any attempt to throw our doors open to 12 million plus illegals is a slap in the face to the 20 million citizens - nearly 2 million of whom are YOUR CONSTITUENTS - who have been pushed out of the workforce in favor of illegals who will work for illegal wages with no benefits, as well as the 4 million immigrants who are patiently complying with our immigration laws.

    Your oath of office is to defend the US Constitution and uphold the laws of this land - ALL OF THEM, not to impose a new social order on us.

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    I just faxed the following letter to John McCain's DC office:

    June 24, 2013

    Sen. John McCain


    There was a time when I supported you. I was one of those who voted for you when you ran for the office of President. But upon seeing what you have come to espouse in the years that have passed since then, you have lost my support. You have defended the actions of a president and his administration that are, by all objective, CONSTITUTIONAL standards, indefensible.

    And now you have joined the open borders crowd in complete disregard for your own Arizona constituents, and for the rest of us as well. To make matters worse, you have evidently instructed your staff to ignore all incoming phone calls from constituents who have the temerity to question you and the rest of the so-called “Gang of Eight” oligarchs who have decided that you alone know what is best for this country with regard to enforcing our immigration laws and strengthening our borders.

    We believe in enforcing our laws. We have seen from previous amnesties what transpires. We have over 20 MILLION CITIZENS who have been been pushed out of the workforce in favor of illegals who will work for illegal wages with no benefits; your first responsibility is to THOSE CITIZENS, not the 12 million plus illegals who CHOSE to live in the shadows. You have no obligation to bring them out of the shadows - unless it is for the purpose of enforcing our immigration laws. Your proposed “immigration reform” is a slap in the faces of the 4 million immigrants who are patiently complying with our immigration laws to become productive CITIZENS of this nation, and placing all power to strengthen our borders solely into the hands of Sec. Napolitano, who has already declared that our borders are sufficiently strong for the purposes of the administration, does nothing to strengthen the language of your proposed legislation.

    Enough is enough.

    Enforce our laws as your oath of office requires you to do - or step down to make room for someone who will.

    A Constitutional Constructionist for National Sovereignty.

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    Amnesty bill incentivizes employers to choose amnestied illegals over citizens....

    Amnestied illegals aren't eligible for Obamacare, so employers won't have to pay the $3,000 Obamacare penalty for them:

    Under the Gang of 8’s backroom immigration deal with Senators Schumer, Corker and Hoeven, formerly illegal immigrants who are amnestied will be eligible to work, but will not be eligible for ObamaCare. Employers who would be required to pay as much as a $3,000 penalty for most employees who receive an ObamaCare healthcare “exchange” subsidy, would not have to pay the penalty if they hire amnestied immigrants.

    Consequently, employers would have a significant incentive to hire or retain amnestied immigrants, rather than current citizens, including those who have recently achieved citizenship via the current naturalization process.
    That sounds fair, doesn't it. So we taxpayers pick up the tab for their healthcare, and the DREAM Act, which would pay for their education through college is still very much in play, sticking us with the bill for that as well. We pay for their education now, they get tax refunds, they don't have to pay income taxes, many are on welfare, everything is translated into Spanish and other languages at taxpayer expense, and the Supreme Court has struck down laws requiring one to prove citizenship in order to vote.

    So tell me again, what is the incentive to become a citizen?

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    It isn't only about the 12-20 million already here. This bill does not guarantee border security and could be construed to allow and give amnesty to many more millions. According to the Heritage Society it will cost at least 11 trillion over 20 years in additional services. This bill will collapse the U.S. economy and end U.S. sovereignty. The Constitution will be destroyed because this bill will guarantee the perpetual rule of the progressives with all the new voters. Saving even a small part of what was once the going to require some very definitive action by some very determined citizens.

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    TPTB do not want closed borders. I'll repeat that, TPTB DON'T WANT CLOSED BORDERS!

    Why? Well, to make it a singular argument... the DEMS want the votes from the poor for more welfare spending, which gives the gov't the ability to grow and control more. The REPUBS want open borders for the cheap labor, thus aiding the corporate profit and growth. Now, one of those seems better than the other, I'll agree. The growth in corporate profit should help everybody, but... Due to the uncertain financial future, corporations aren't investing in it's current employees, nor hiring many new ones. They are keeping the cash for a rainy day... makes sense. With the pending huge tax hikes, fees and regulations... you'd hold onto what you could too. So, we actually get nowhere good, and in a hurry. Along with the corporate profit, comes the return on investments that those lying goons in DC are wanting... they don't really care how they get it, as long as they get it. Ultimately, they are getting 'theirs' whether it comes from American employment or Chinese... or wherever. It's really a win-win for TPTB and a lose-lose for the people.

    Just they way gov't wants it.
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    The open border amendment could also be referred to as the amendment to terminate the U.S. Republic.

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