Obama and the great con
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    Obama and the great con

    Obama is not insane; he's simply a dumb **** who pulled off a great con. Anyone can "fake" being a Politician. It's not like he chose a Professional Sport where he needs to prove himself. Anyone can claim to be "smart," but proving it is another thing.

    When one is only a C student at Liberal Farts College Occidental, then no one but no one knows him from his "claimed" days at Columbia, then people do remember him at Harvard, but his classmates stated he hardly attended class, yet somehow managed to pass. Then he earns the distinction of being the only Editor of the Law Review (8 Ivy League Schools) in its 450+ year history to be the only one NEVER TO HAVE PUBLISHED A REVIEW.

    This is like one calling them self a bartender yet never serving a drink! HE'S THE CONSUMATE HOAX!!!
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    I don't think that anyone should be surprised that we elected our first"affirmative action" president. We have had several progressives in the Whitehouse. But he is the first true Marxist and anti white bigot.

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    I don't usually get to excited about conspiracy theories, but with Obama it's tough not to use your imagination. Questionable birth certificate, bizarre childhood and upbringing, heavily influenced by "radicals" from childhood, an educational record that is strangely vague, a political career based on never voting except as "present", the shortest career as a U.S. senator before being elected to the highest office in the land, and let's not forget a Nobel prize for his potential to do good. A puppet, fashioned for the position, and manipulated at every step. We are in deep trouble here.

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