General Carter Ham To Finally Testify About Benghazi
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Thread: General Carter Ham To Finally Testify About Benghazi

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    General Carter Ham To Finally Testify About Benghazi

    General Carter Ham is scheduled to testify to the House Armed Services Committee on June 26 at a classified briefing about his knowledge of events that took place when the attack on the U.S. Consulate and CIA annex in Benghazi, Libya happened last September, reports Fox News' Greta Van Susteren:

    Below is from my FNC colleague Justin Fishel:

    Subject: Fox First: General Carter Ham to testify on Benghazi for first time next week

    Fox News has learned that the House Armed Services Committee will hold a classified briefing next Weds June 26 at 9:00 on Benghazi.

    Briefers will include:

    Gen. Carter Ham (ret.) He was head of AFRICOM during Benghazi attack.

    LTC Gibson

    RADM Brian Losey Special Operations Command Africa

    The briefing is organized by the Oversight and Investigations subcommittee of the HASC. Ham, who was the head of AFRICOM during Benghazi attack, will brief members behind closed doors about why military assets that were available were not sent to Benghazi to help the Americans who were under attack.

    State Department whistleblower Greg Hicks appeared before Congress and told members on the House Oversight Committee that LTC Gibson is the Army Lieutenant Colonel who was told to stand down along with other special forces who were ready to deploy to Benghazi to aid those who were under fire by the attackers.

    Although the briefing is behind closed doors, the Committee's request for information from DoD gives clues as to what they are likely to be talking to the briefers about next week. On April 17 HASC Chairman Buck McKeon (R - CA) sent a letter to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel requesting the Department of Defense's classified version of the Benghazi attack timeline after being notified by the Joint Staff there would be delay in delivery, "due to a requirement to coordinate it within the interagency."

    McKeon received no response which prompted a two follow up letters. The first letter on May 8 was to Assistant Secretary of Defense for Legislative Affairs regarding the Department's uncooperative behavior with the Committee the other letter, sent on May 15 discussed in detail the some questions HASC want to be answered by DoD:

    In addition to requesting additional information on how the military was postured to respond to a crisis on September 11 2012, Chairman McKeon asked that the commanding officer of the Site Security Team for Tripoli during the Benghazi attack be made available to Members next week.

    "In accordance with the House Armed Services Committee's responsibility to conduct oversight of the Department of Defense, today I have directed the subcommittee on Oversight & Investigations to convene two or more transcribed member meetings on Benghazi. Though we have received some cooperation from the Pentagon on the timeline of the Benghazi terrorist attacks, several important questions are still unanswered.

    "Questions still remain regarding orders issued to a site security team that was in-country. This Committee is also continuing our inquiries into the size, scope, scale, and readiness of U.S. military assets in the region. I have also repeated my request to SecretaryHagel to provide the classified timeline of the attacks, which was denied to this Committee on May 8, 2013.

    "There is no reasonable justification to keep this information from the Congress. As such, I have directed Congressman Roby and the O&I Subcommittee to continue in their pursuit of information vital to this committee's oversight function."
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    I don't think the General will provide much new information. I think with the help of NSA data mining that this administration has been pressuring hostile government officials and even military commanders. There are very few people who don't at least have something in their background that can be construed in some way as to be publicly damaging.

    J. Edgar Hoover remained as head of the FBI for many decades by keeping files on everyone of importance in Washington. Today intimidation is far easier because of great improvement in technology.

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