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    Don't know if anyone noticed, but I hear the governor of Massachusetts has started the war. Seems the National Guard was going after the tactical weapons now outlawed there and were met by resistance. Someone shot, the battle was on, and the gun-owners' buddies ran to reinforce. Guard retreated, bottom line something like 70 wounded or dead. I'm afraid Delaware is headed in that direction, what with our neurofecal legislators from north of the canal. We should give New Castle County back to Pennsylvania.

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    Links to your "story" please!
    Other than that, I'm calling BS.

    Sent from behind enemy lines.

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    Yesterday I wrote that there had been a confrontation in Boston, Massachusetts taking lives. My wife pointed out to me after a google search that this altercation was part of what started the Revolutiona war in the late 1700's. My apologies for the lack of research and trust in someone else's post. The biggest problem is, I wouldn't have been surprised. I think it is coming to that. What do you think?

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