a second state rep for the cause in my area
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Thread: a second state rep for the cause in my area

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    Post a second state rep for the cause in my area

    I recently sent out an e-mail to ALL my local and state reps expressing my concerns and wishes as to the second amendment and our ability to exercise our rights under it, the following is one of the responses I received.

    Thank you for taking the time to contact me regarding your concerns over gun control laws. I appreciate hearing from constituents on issues that affect them.

    I am a consistent supporter of the Second Amendment and the Constitutional freedoms it entails. My support for the Second Amendment earned me an A+ rating from the Gun Owners Action League (GOAL).

    I agree we need to ensure that dangerous weapons do not fall into the hands of criminals or the mentally ill. Massachusetts already has some of the toughest gun control laws in the nation. Massachusetts does not issue gun licenses to those who have had a disqualifying conviction or have been previously confined for a mental illness. Massachusetts also has a ban on “assault weapons.”

    I cannot support any legislation that would strengthen these laws at the expense of our constitutional freedom. Already citizens of the Commonwealth face a variety of checks before they can receive a license. Applicants must pass a certified firearms safety course or Basic Hunter Education Course and must be fingerprinted for a background check. These laws ensure the safety of the citizens of the Commonwealth while also keeping them protected from misuse of these weapons.

    Thank you again for taking the time to contact me regarding this important matter.


    Senator Robert L. Hedlund
    Plymouth and Norfolk District

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    I notice that, as "a consistent supporter of the Second Amendment and the Constitutional freedoms it entails", he seems to see nothing wrong with the existing laws in Massassachusetts. Unless he voted against the assault weapon ban and restrictive licensing just to own a gun, I wonder how he ever got an A+ rating from GOAL.
    -----Unlike Massassachusetts, many states do not seem to view gun owners as evil, just a "bad hair day" away from wanting to blow people away. Most do not require a license to even acquire a firearm with training required before getting that license. Most do not attempt to ban "assault" weapons or larger magazines. I know this mindset seems to be present in many states in the Northeast.
    -----I live in Kansas where the legislature expanded our rights this year rather than restricting them. But we do have wacko liberal Colorado nearby. However, Colorado citizens are fighting back hard. The Senate president who rammed through all the restrictive gun laws and another prominent anti-gunner are being recalled. There was enough pressure put on the legislature that they failed to ban CCHL on college campuses with their other actions. With several prominent firearm related businesses in the process of moving out, and recalls, there are definitely some uncomfortable anti-gunners in that state now. Hopefully pressure or legal action can also be brought in the Commonwealth to reverse the "antis" laws so this wannabe pro-gun Senator can learn what it really means to be a strong "supporter of the Second Amendment". Good luck and hang in there.
    Dave "The said Constitution shall never be construed...to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms." Samuel Adams

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