Suspending Obamacare until 2015
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Thread: Suspending Obamacare until 2015

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    Suspending Obamacare until 2015

    BY: Breitbart News

    By the way....don't think there is some sort of "victory" with that Obamacare mandate on employers being bumped until 2015. This was done for 1 reason and 1 reason only: To save the 2014 elections for the left. THIS whole scheme is imploding as people "find out what's in it". They don't want such an unpopular disaster to hit and take effect as people are deciding who to vote for. Don't think for 2 seconds that this regime cares about employers or the middle class. By the way.....since when does the White House decide if/when laws passed by Congress go into effect?? I find that curious....

    My guess: The WH is taking the hit for this, knowing that Dems on the Hill have begged them behind doors to do something, as these ghouls all want to be reelected. After 2015....they are betting that America's idiots will just concede that Obamacare, unemployment, under employment and the high cost of healthcare will become the "new norm" and be forgotten about, much like gas prices. Obama gets a pass at every turn to the envy of Republican presidents....
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    This program is Obama's baby. It's so wonderful I don't see how we can wait any longer. The government knows more about what is good for us than we do. Our economy is tanking, true unemployment is higher then it's ever been. Obama is working so hard to fix this mess that Bush left him. Now he's deciding on his own to delay our much needed government health care! How will we ever survive an uncertain future? We've been told this is such a wonderful program. Now we are going to have to wait! How am I going to be able to make sound medical decisions without government intervention?
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    The individual mandate is still in effect in 2014 that did not change.

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