I am extremely happy that Kokesh was prevented from organizing an event that would have brought down the wrath of federal power on all law abiding gun owners. This guy's actions could have caused the implementation of martial law to the detriment of all lawful and responsible gun owners. He is not a conservative and has taken up all kinds of progressive and crazy causes.

That being said; Washington's laws are unconstitutional and anti American. I strongly object to the militarization of the police around the country and the limiting of any God given rights. But Kokesh was very wrong in his methods which would have reflected badly on all of us. When it comes to an overreaching and unconstitutional government one has to choose his methods of resistance very carefully.

We must be more responsible than the radical left and not resort to situations with blind violence. Our founders petitioned the crown for over 10 years for a redress of their grievances. Only as a very last resort did they take more drastic actions. And as all on this forum know, gun confiscation and arrogant stupidity by the British triggered the American Revolution. Violence is no way to win over public opinion, even that of an extremely ignorant public. Let the left alienate the public with violence on their part.