The Benghazi incident is a case study in manipulating the media to influence the elections.

If you go back to September 11th 2012 there are threads that realized immediately that albeit in a foreign country, once again American soil was attacked. Even though it was a long time ago and it should't make any difference, the Obama handlers didn't want to have to deal with this 2 months before the election. So rather that make is an attack by islamofacists they made up a lie about the movie and the Constitutionally protected press went along in lock step. (except for the traditional fox news types)

The same handlers have deduced that Obama care caused the firing of the congress in 2010 so they activated the IRS to attack and destroy the opposition that caused that firing. This may no longer be possible as the truth leaked out. The possibility that the populous may once again pick up where they left off in 2010 they have to protect their assets in 2014. With Obama care kicking in in 2014 the ignorant masses run the chance of really seeing how they have been betrayed by Obama care and the political majority will cease.

The administration made the announcement with little fanfare

So just like killing the story of Benghazi they will kill this story too.
The only major outlet to mention the story was CBS and they used the Government Spin.
We should be asking: Where in Obama care is it written the certain parts of the law are optional.

My point is: Fast and Furious, IRS, NSA, etc, None of this could have been possible without a complicate media arm. The First amendment is there to allow unfettered intrusion against government as a watchdog not a lapdog.

With all the leaked scandals of the past few months I have to say I am grateful that the abuses we all talked about and were laughed at for even thinking about are happening. And for those that laughed as us, one question; Who is laughing now.