Things didn't go well for Obama's Planned take-over of Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood.
Barack met with his co-conspirators Secretary of State John Kerry, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, and National Security Adviser Susan Rice to make sure they are all telling the same lie.
Biden wasn't included, he can't keep his lies straight.
So today the Obama Administration is calling for a "transparent political process that is inclusive of all parties and groups" something they made sure didn't happen in the United States with the help of the IRS, NSA, ACLU, EPA, HLS, OSHA, DOJ and the rest of the Enforcement groups involved in Obama's Dictatorship.
They are also urging those in charge of Egypt's government to avoid any arbitrary arrests of Obma's friend Mohammed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

Obama's Planned take-over of Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood-130701-obama-egypt-003.jpg

Obama has one last hope as the Muslim Brotherhood declared it wouldn't work with the new government and called for a wave of protests.

The bad news is Obama has more Dictatorship support here than he does there so you had better be prepared.

The LDS Prepareness Manual is one of the best lists available, keep it handy.