The US Needs To Keep Its Nose Out Of Syria
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Thread: The US Needs To Keep Its Nose Out Of Syria

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    The US Needs To Keep Its Nose Out Of Syria

    Token Libertarian Girl Julie Borowski explains why itís not a good idea for the United States to be sticking its nose in the Middle East conflict in Syria, and I must say that she does it in a very funny way. She also points out just why we should not be funding jihadists with money and weapons, just like Freedom Outpost has pointed out. When will those in the Federal government understand?


    Read more: The US Needs To Keep Its Nose Out Of Syria : Freedom Outpost
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    Lots of places over there we should have kept our nose out of.
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    The first coins minted in the U.S. did not say "In God We Trust". The founders trusted in God and simply considered it to be the natural state of existence for all men. It didn't appear on our coins until 1864. The first motto on U.S. pennies showed that most of our founders were libertarian in their beliefs and believed in the smallest government possible short of anarchy. Our first coins simply said " Mind your business". Washington warned against any foreign entanglements.

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  6. Sons of Anarchy. Has a nice ring to it. Is that a TV show or something?

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