#Firearms group sues to reverse new #guncontrol law in Connecticut #newtown #NSSF #2a
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Thread: #Firearms group sues to reverse new #guncontrol law in Connecticut #newtown #NSSF #2a

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    #Firearms group sues to reverse new #guncontrol law in Connecticut #newtown #NSSF #2a

    "The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), which is headquartered in Newtown, Connecticut, just three miles from the school shooting filed a lawsuit. The NSSF accused Malloy and Connecticut lawmakers of abusing their power to quickly push through legislation and said the law should be declared invalid. Gun advocates are seeking an injunction to stop its enforcement.

    "This is an action to vindicate the rights of the citizens of Connecticut whose federal and state constitutional rights have been adversely affected and significantly restricted by the passage of (the bill) through an abuse of the 'emergency certification' procedure, circumvention of the normal legislative process, and violation of Connecticut statutory law," the lawsuit states."

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    Firearms group sues to reverse new gun-control law in Connecticut

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    Good luck with that.
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