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Thread: Obama admits he is a muslim.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by opsspec1991 View Post
    Obama promised that once he overcame some domestic issues, like the Health care reform, he would show the Muslim World how to deal with Israel.
    I think he can make that promise because he's never solving these domestic issues. Sounds like a nice way of saying "when hell freezes over."

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    It doesn't bother me if Obama is a Muslim. What does bother me a great deal is that he represents the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islam over those of the U. S. It even angers and worries me more that he is a Marxist who is very seriously damaging my country. But those who realize what he is, as evidenced by his actions, are the ones who are considered to be dangerous. Even though I intellectually understand how progressives have so damaged this country; I can't believe that U. S. morality and ideals have so quickly been eviscerated. This country is now a hollow shell of what it one was and that too will soon collapse if drastic action is not undertaken.

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    Obama's Religious Beliefs

    For what it is worth. I have not nor shall I look into this site's basis, just FYI. Read, enjoy, relax.
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