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    Just a thought, run with it

    This is a note I sent my assemblyman (a good guy, we're lucky to have him).
    I just thought I'd post it here so somebody smarter than me could run with it...

    "It strikes me that 2 percent of American women have had abortions and 3.4 percent of Americans are gay, both very small minorities by any measure. But enormous time, energy and legislative attention is given to their causes to ensure their rights and freedom.
    That is because America is not a Democracy, where the majority rules absolutely - we are a Constitutional Republic, where we are obliged to follow the rule of law and where the beliefs of even the few are given due consideration.
    The "few" in the case of the ongoing firearm laws debate are the 37% (at least, and 47% at most) of American adults who own guns. We are an enormous chunk of the population, between 80 million and 100 million strong, yet we are in constant fear of losing everything, and, in Andrew Cuomo's New York, we're treated like criminals."


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    You do have a few sane members of your legislature. Too bad you have so many that are like Bloomy though.
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    Well thought out and well said as usual 2Awarrior. Glad to see you back.

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