Wrote my Congresscritters, what do you think?
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Thread: Wrote my Congresscritters, what do you think?

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    Wrote my Congresscritters, what do you think?

    I wrote the following to both my Senators and my Rep in the house:
    "I was asked by a coworker if I had the chance to draft 2 laws, what would they be. After much thought I came up with two.
    The first would be that there can be no amendment to any legislation that does not pertain to the title of the legislation. The Farm bill is a prime example. If a legislator wants to try and fund Snail Sex Research, let him draft legislation under that title and take that back to his constituents as an accomplishment. We would see much less pork and freebies for contributors.
    The second would be a National sales tax. Income tax and the IRS would go away. ALL sales would be taxed, including the purchase of manufacturing materials, stocks and bonds, commodities, T-bills etc. with the exception of subsistence (groceries, fuel, energy etc.). If you turn a profit by selling your stocks or manufacturing a product you are not penalized. Conversely, if you do poorly then learn from it, but it is not the governments purview to right your ship. There would be no tax on the seller of a product, only the buyer. This would not only provide equitable taxation on those with the ability to make purchases beyond living paycheck to paycheck, it would also alleviate the government of having to legislate ANY TYPE of marriage by eliminating income tax filing status. If the question of benefits for significant others comes up (i.e.. social security death benefits, military survivor benefits etc.) they could all be solved by allowing Americans to designate a beneficiary like they would for any other life insurance policy."

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    Now, look here Chief, are you trying to insert common sense into government? A pox on you for even thinking of such.

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