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It wasn't even about self-defense, He was tried for murder. Under Florida statutes, to prove murder they had to prove he left the truck with the intent to kill TM. They didn't prove that and he was declared Not Guilty of Murder If he had been charged and tried for Manslaughter, then SD would have been an issue. The jury didn't consider Manslaughter charges because the trial evidence and charges had all been for the murder charge. They did the right thing. Florida tried GZ for murder and he had not committed murder. This trial had absolutely nothing to do with the issue of self defense. It establishes no precedence for future SD cases.
The following was written by Florida criminal defense attorney Janet Johnson for the NY Daily news, 7/13/13:

The addition of a manslaughter charge improves the chances that George Zimmerman could wind up in jail.

Zimmerman had initially been charged with second-degree murder, a sentence that could land him in prison for life.

And while Zimmerman’s defense lawyer cried foul when the prosecution asked Judge Debra Nelson to include manslaughter, under Florida law it is mandatory to attach a lesser charge if either side requests it, (emphasis added)

Normally, the lesser charge option helps the defense. But this time there is the risk of a compromised verdict.

The jury has not been told that the lesser charge could still send Zimmerman to jail for up to 30 years.

Jurors, however, are instructed to work from the top down, starting with the most serious charge.

They deliberate over the greater charge, vote and if they are all not guilty, they move down to the next.

However, if they find Zimmerman acted in self-defense on the second-degree murder charge, that would also apply to the manslaughter charges. So they would have to acquit.

But that’s assuming they’re abiding by logic and the law.

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