Dershowitz: Holder should pursue civil rights violations in Zimmerman case.
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Thread: Dershowitz: Holder should pursue civil rights violations in Zimmerman case.

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    Dershowitz: Holder should pursue civil rights violations in Zimmerman case.

    Dershowitz: Holder should pursue civil rights violations in the Zimmerman case

    By Doug Powers • July 16, 2013 01:02 PM

    **Written by Doug Powers

    The Department of Justice announced recently that they have a civil rights investigation open into the death of Trayvon Martin. Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz agrees that Eric Holder should be investigating civil rights violations in this case — except he’s investigating the wrong person:

    Immediately after the verdict was announced, however, the NAACP and outspoken activist Al Sharpton called on the Justice Department to launch a federal civil-rights probe, charging that the case had been racially tainted.

    Dershowitz is calling for a civil-rights probe as well. But he contends the person whose rights were violated was Zimmerman.

    “I think there were violations of civil rights and civil liberties — by the prosecutor,” said the criminal-law expert. “The prosecutor sent this case to a judge, and willfully, deliberately, and in my view criminally withheld exculpatory evidence… They denied the judge the right to see pictures that showed Zimmerman with his nose broken and his head bashed in. The prosecution should be investigated for civil rights violations, and civil liberty violations.”

    Dershowitz argues that in general the Justice Department doesn’t investigate civil rights violations on an individual basis unless one of the individuals works for the government, and that George Zimmerman couldn’t alone have violated anybody’s civil rights even if he’d been found guilty of the crime. The person in this case who violated the civil rights of an individual is prosecutor Angela Corey, who Dershowitz says should be disbarred and “is among the most irresponsible prosecutors I’ve seen in 50 years of litigating cases.” Ouch.

    Video via Legal Insurrection:

    Update: Earlier I forgot to mention this, but one of the more telling parts of that interview is when Dershowitz said Angela Corey contacted the Dean of Harvard Law School and asked her to discipline Dershowitz for his criticism of the Zimmerman prosecution. The prosecution’s massive overreach wasn’t confined to Zimmerman.

    (h/t Doug Ross)

    **Written by Doug Powers

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    I can't argue with him on investigating Angela Corey. But I don't think it should only be her. The judge also should face those charges.

    And your link failed. Michelle Malkin | Dershowitz: Holder should pursue civil rights violations in the Zimmerman case «
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    You can bet, with Eric Holder in charge, the correct actions will never be done. The highest LEO in this country has no respect for the law. Is there any wonder why the USA is in decline?
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    Holder cant even figure out that sending illegally purchased weapons to Mexico is illegal!!! I have no faith he could even understand this issue without a briefing from MSNBC.
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    This from the man who got O.J. Simpson off. Orenthal the murdering "running back" is free because of Douche-o-witz. No one filed civil rights violations on him.
    And then the black community ran around singing "we won!" What did they win? I don't believe anyone has yet received their O.J. prize. Douche-o-witz helped set race relations back twenty years.

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