Former Navy SEAL Dom Raso Blasts Pro-Gun Control ‘Puppets’ in ‘NRA News’ Segment
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Thread: Former Navy SEAL Dom Raso Blasts Pro-Gun Control ‘Puppets’ in ‘NRA News’ Segment

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    Former Navy SEAL Dom Raso Blasts Pro-Gun Control ‘Puppets’ in ‘NRA News’ Segment

    By: Erica Ritz

    Former U.S. Navy SEAL Dom Raso recently appeared in an NRA News segment, slamming gun control advocates like Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his “crew of puppets” for their actions.

    “I am getting more and more tired of celebrities, politicians, and high-ranking officials who don’t know what they’re talking about lecturing us on gun control,” Raso began. “…A few months ago they were proudly talking about gun control. Now they’ve changed their language to ‘gun safety,’ as if that’s fooling anyone. What the hell is gun safety legislation anyway?”

    Raso said if Bloomberg really cared about gun safety, “he’d put his billions of dollars towards educating Americans on the reality of firearms: how they work, the consequences of using them the wrong way, and the job they do.”

    The former Navy SEAL said the time for “guys like [him]” to remain quiet on the issue, while self-styled experts like Michael Moore dominate the airwaves, has passed.

    After playing a clip of Moore saying the Founders were referring to “muskets” when writing the Second Amendment, Raso commented with disgust: “Oh, and by the way, that weapon gave you your freedom. You’re welcome, you thankless excuse for an American.”

    If that’s the case, he added dryly, the First Amendment must only protect speech written with quills on parchment.

    “There is no logic in following the Constitution when you feel like it, and mocking it when you don’t,” Raso concluded.

    Watch the entire clip courtesy of the National Rifle Association, below:

    NRA News | Commentators
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  3. Amen.

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    Gun control to gun safety, global warming to climate change. They will continue this strategy until they succeed. Luckily we have those that fight the BS with facts. We must keep informed. The problem, getting people informed when they are more interested in Dancing with Stars, and the Royal baby. They have some that believe giving up liberty for safety is a good idea. However when that happens, we never get the promised safety!
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    Safety is another of the liberal buzz words. Just like you hate children and old people if you mention reducing social programs. I will say it again. liberals don't care about solution. They are after the euphoric emotional gratification of good intentions. If you need proof. notice how liberal policies have ended poverty, racism, built beautiful thriving cities.....apparently the low information voters want more of these successes to continue.
    "You can get a lot accomplished if you don't care who gets the credit" - Ronald Reagan

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