if a bullfrog had wings...
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    if a bullfrog had wings...

    In his remarks today, Obama posed the question that IF the races had been reversed would the outcome of the trial been different.

    My question is IF the races had been reversed AND a black man had shot a white man AND the outcome of the trial had been the same...

    Would the DOJ be looking into possible civil rights violations?

    Answer...absolutely not! Racism is alive and well in the Whitehouse and the Liberal left.
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    Agreed. The what ifs, the wannta, shoulda coulda can go on and on forever. What if we had not gone into WW I, II, Korea, V.N. and what if the Civial War had been won by the South, what if the first 9-11 had not hit, what if the British won 1776, Bobby Kennedy had been elected and Martin Luther had not been born in Germany or The USA, and . . . . . .
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    That scenario played out in real life in 2009. Same verdict.

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