One of the biggest Liberal/Progressive/Communist Mouth pieces on the Socialist Media Network is Pierce Morgan.

I love this, Larry Elder gives Pierce an education on truth.

If 6% of the population commits 50% of the murders in this Country wouldn't you think paying a little more attention to that 6% would be called "Common Sense" in stead of "Racial Profiling".

Same goes for "Terrorist" and "Illegal Immigrants", except in the world of the Communist transformation of America "Right it Wrong" and "Wrong is Right".

Barrack Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, and even Juan Williams do very well promoting "Racism" for Profit.

Did you hear Leo Terrell put Juan Williams right where he belongs with the rest of the "Race Baters"?

If you didn't here it is:

Hannity Guest Leo Terrell Berates Juan Williams Over Zimmerman Case | Fox News Insider

This Administration and the Socialist Media is doing a great job of fabricating a
"False Scenario" to take the focus off their "Communist Agenda" to transform America, along with,
Using the NSA as Political spies to destroy political opponents, and to control others.
Using the IRS to defund Political Opponents.
Using the EPA to destroy our energy supplies.
Using an Executive Order or is it a Dictatorship to establish illegal Bankruptcy laws to reward useful idiots.
Using the Social Justice department to force banks into the same situation that caused the housing bubble and bust in the first place.
Abandoning our heroes in Benghazi and Lying to the American Public for weeks about the attacks, why?
Using the Social Justice Department to supply weapons to the Mexican Cartel so they try to cover their first lie, that American weapons are flowing into Mexico.
Doing what ever it takes to dis-arm America, because thoughout history a Tyrannical Government must first dis-arm the Citizens.

In Turkey after the gun control law of (1911) 1,150,000 Armenians were massacred.

In the Soviet Union under after the 1922 gun ban Stalin killed 50,000,000 and deported 1,327,000.

In Germany after the NAZI gun law of (1938) 15,000,000 killed by the Nazi Storm Trooper and Blackshirts.

In Communist China after the gun control law of 1957 in 1960 80,000,000 were killed by the Red Guard.

In 1955 the British passed gun control in Uganda and in 1971 an army of no more than 25,000 men and 3,000 secret police killed 300,000 Ugandans.

In Cambodia after the 1938 Royal Order on gun control the Khmer Rouge was able to kill 7,000,000 over a third of the population between 1975 and 1979.

"Afghanistan is the Genocide that didn't happen" In 1979 it could have been the same results as the genocide that happened in Eastern Europe when occupied by the Soviets, except the Afghans were armed to the teeth.

How many things are now happening that we have said at one time or another, "This can't happen in our Country"?

Take Care