A Return to Principles

by Nick Adams

I am often asked: what makes America great? And what do you love so much about America?

If I wanted to be thorough, my answer would resemble a lengthy laundry list. But for the sake of brevity, it could be condensed to the following three principles:
•individual freedom;
•traditional values;
•limited government.

These are the defining attributes of the national culture. It’s what makes America, America. It is what makes it exceptional. It is what has made it the most successful nation in over five thousand years of recorded human history. It is the greatest advertisement against socialism ever.

America is aspirational, and must always remain that way. Mediocrity is a foreign thing.

But America find itself a long, long way from home- far away from these principles. Slowly, but surely, there has been a slow yet consistent departure from the core principles of a free nation, under God.

It’s institutions, once vestiges of liberty and prestige, serve today as infrastructure and messengers for left-wing ideas, and moral and cultural relativism.

The character and values that America became synonymous with, and renowned for, are being diminished, and Americans must be vigilant if the traditional family is to not become a mere relic of history. Out of wedlock births and using abortion as birth control have become fixtures of American society.

Pundits live in the world of the conventional. They assume if you know what happened yesterday, you can predict tomorrow. But life is art, not science, and freedom is about enabling the inconceivable. An American comeback is very possible.

Reagan’s experts didn’t want him to speak those historic words in Berlin — “tear down this wall.” The words stayed in the speech because of Reagan. American entrepreneurship -whether in business or politics – is always unconventional. It might be cliché, but America (and the world) needs another Reagan.

Winston Churchill said it all when he observed “the inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”