New CO gun laws force cancellation of gun buyback... Gotta love it!
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Thread: New CO gun laws force cancellation of gun buyback... Gotta love it!

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    New CO gun laws force cancellation of gun buyback... Gotta love it!

    Station KOAA (Colorado Springs) reports that the anti-gun group, Together Colorado, was forced to cancel a gun buyback program because of the roadblocks new CO laws put in their way. Don't you just LOVE IT when anti's are bitten by their own laws?!

    "The Boulder Daily Camera reports the group would have to find a licensed firearms dealer to hold the event and then pay the dealer for each transaction, which would be too expensive and too difficult..."
    Gun buyback canceled because of new gun laws | | Colorado Springs | Pueblo |


    Another station is reporting that the event was just postponed, not cancelled. According to all of the reports, however, Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle was a strong backer of this project. Still, it's fun to see the laws they pushed for biting them in the backside!

    "Sheila Dierks, with Together Colorado, says the event is being delayed, not cancelled.

    'What we've really done is postponed, we've got to be able to make it possible for families, for individuals to get rid of guns and this is a way to do it,' she said.

    Dierks said the sheriff 'went all out' to try to find a way to facilitate the event, before deciding it had to be put off."

    I'm guessing Sheriff Pelle isn't one of the signers of the Sheriffs' letter declaring that they would not enforce Colorado's new gun control laws.

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    What bit them in the rear was that they were buying guns from individuals in groups of one or two guns. I can go in to a LGS in Florida and buy 100 guns with only one NICS check. But as they were buying from more than one source, they would have had to pay a per person fee. Serves them right!!!
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    They are now experiencing the 'unexpected consequences' of their short-sighted feel good legislation. The number of laws passed in a hurry to make everybody feel better has increased exponentially....only to find out that...oops!!!

    I say...GOOD... it only points out how poorly written and short-sighted these laws really are.

    We have 'gun buybacks' on a regular basis here. The unexpected consequences actually give aid to the criminals in destroying evidence if they so choose. Good thing most criminals aren't that smart.
    Here, they advertise the gun buyback and make it well known that weapons can be turned in questions asked... and BALLISTICS WILL NOT BE CHECKED AGAINST OPEN CRIMINAL CASES!!!!

    So, if you are the killer and have the gun, you can walk into the room, look a police officer in the eye and hand him the gun that will convict you.. the gun will then be questions asked!!!! No Ballistics, No fingerprinting, No prosecution.

    You just got away with murder....and the police and well intentioned politicians destroyed the evidence for you!!!! Can anything be more ridiculous?

    Every time they announce a gun buyback, a local radio talk-show host (a staunch 2A advocate) discusses this issue, but the do-gooder Mayor and his 'appointed' Police Commissioner prance out and tell the community what a noble program this is. WOW!!! They just don't get it.

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  6. Buybacks

    "...we've got to be able to make it possible for families, for individuals to get rid of guns...."

    Well, DUH! They used to have that ability - it was called a 'private sale'. Now they don't - it has to be a registered sale - which is NOT the same as an anonymous sale to a buy back program. Dummies. All they've done is encourage folks with old guns to sell them for cash and NOT report the sale, insisting it was years ago. And who would know? Any perp caught with those guns would lie about where he got them, right? "I sold mine for cash long ago,to some guy who did NOT look like that one, so ask that guy where he REALLY got it and don't bother me."

    Heck, if I could get terms like that, I'd even be tempted to buy....

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