Time for real change in America
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Thread: Time for real change in America

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    Time for real change in America

    Is it not time for real change in America? Over the years we have sat back and allowed our elected Government to constantly gain more power over us! We are supposed to be their bosses! But lately they are ruling us and living above the law! They don't even follow the laws they set! Times must change! The renewed America will soon arise.
    What we need is action. We need to focus and get people to listen. We need everyone calling and messaging Washington letting them know we are not happy with their work. We shall not rest until we have Control back!
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    Good idea in theory, but many people will not listen, and many people are just set in their ways. Too many people have "more important things to do" and just conform with the rest, many people have "their shows to watch" or baseball games to go to etc. Further more, the Government or media will squash any message with the latest political sex scandle or celeberity gossip. Its become easier and harder to get the messages out.
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