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Thread: financial aid was given to Obama as foreign student

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunnerbob View Post
    Quite the contrary, whodat2710. The FED is the root of everything the "low-information", see: f*cking morons, voters are begging for. Without the FED, it's debt based, elastic, fiat currency there wouldn't be any opportunity for "low-information" voters to remain as such while living off of productive society... they'd just die of starvation a poor, homeless mess. The IRS is an enforcement arm, sent out to collect the sheeple's dues. The EPA is used to strangle and strain industry for every dollar they can through regulations, thus controlling market capitalism... keeping Uncle Sam numero uno. Lastly, the DHS is the ultimate force of government... watching, monitoring, arresting and laying the hammer down upon political dissonance. All in an effort to perpetuate the system of absolute government control over the people... servitude laced with goodies. Mindless, thoughtless lemmings... never more happy, so long as the 'money' keeps coming.

    Welcome to AmeriKa, you're f*cking screwed.
    I know this, and you know this. They don't know this. The majority of those that voted for Obama in 2012 obviously didn't know anything about government. They voted for him because he was black, regardless of their own race. You couldn't pry most of them off the couch to vote if it wasn't a presidential election. You probably have about 30-35% Liberal voters, and about the same percent of conservative voters. The rest have no clue and do what their friends tweet that they should do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stengun View Post

    And your point is?

    For some unknown reason Navy Seal's mom will let him start a thread but will not allow him to respond to his own thread. Whattup with that?

    If you’re willing to just let this crime go by without saying something against it then you’re just as bad as everyone who just wants to turn a blind eye to injustice at the highest level of the land.
    The only easy day was yesterday
    Dedicated to my brother in law who died
    doing what he loved being a Navy SEAL

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