Racial tension is through the roof. Fear, anger, and suspicion are hitting record levels. The chaos derives mostly from Leftist policies and Obamaís divisive rhetoric, echoed by lesser race hustlers like Jackson, Wright, Ayers, Sharpton, Meeks, Pfleger.
White kids are getting killed and raped. Whites are attacked in the streets for no reason. A Marine in California was knifed by 15 black youth recently. A waiter had his jaw broken in Maryland. A businessman was beaten senseless in broad daylight in Connecticut. Hundreds of incidents after the Zimmerman verdict, and not a word from Obama.
A Ďpresidentí representing only certain groups, for sure. He is not the president of all the people, only some of the people. He favors race over character, demonization over justice, and a radical agenda over truth. He is a bigot.
The Pledge of Allegiance ends with this phrase: ďWith Liberty and Justice for All.Ē Ever hear of that, Mr. Obama? Probably not, Iíd guess. Promises and oaths are foreign to you, mere ceremonial requirements.
There never was a more despicable individual in American government than Barack Hussein Obama: criminal, usurper, traitor, phony.
AMEN!!! Fed Up