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Thread: Obama Realizes People Donít Like Obamacare

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    The day it was passed, our House Rep, Brian Higgins (Nancy Pelosi's puppet here in NY) was on TV saying "This is the kind of health care I want my family to have...", knowing full well that they will never be subjected to such CRAP health care. They will continue to be covered for the rest of their lives by the Congressional Health Plan, even after he's gone from Congress. It's just us...the 'Great Unwashed' who've had this shoved down our throats in the Liberal's attempt to turn 'Citizens' into mere 'Subjects'.
    The democrats must do things like this because us of the "great unwashed" aren't capable of making the right decisions about our health care. Only government can make these decisions for us.
    "You can get a lot accomplished if you don't care who gets the credit" - Ronald Reagan

  3. He has never cared if people like it. Liberals never care what the people think they know what we NEED and that is far more important then what we want.

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